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The Green Girl Discovers Podcasts

When the Green Girl began the Cool Running Couch-To-5k Running Plan, a lot of people recommended downloading podcasts from Robert Ullrey. Ullrey’s podcasts follow the weekly program so instead of having to follow the beeps on your watch to alternate between your run/walk intervals, you can simply listen to the techno music and he announces the changes for you.

Um, see, I assumed the “pod” in podcasts referred to a proprietary file format for iPods. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the files were available in MP3 format. I also downloaded some mixes from DJ Steve Boyett.

When Carrie mentioned she enjoying “getting to know people” through their podcasts, I was puzzled. I didn’t understand how listening to techno music helped her “meet” people. Carrie gently explained she was referring to podcasts put out by various runners that are essentially audio blogs. She recommended I check out Running Podcasts.

I finally got around to downloading some podcasts last night in preparation for a long road trip I had to make today. Phedippidations appeared to be the most popular running podcast so I downloaded a few episodes. Endurance Base Camp also got good reviews so I decided to check out the most recent podcast on hydration and the role of sodium. Unrelated to running (or triathlons), I downloaded some podcasts on network security from Steve Gibson from Gibson Research Corporation (GRC).

I started off with Steve Runner’s Phedippidations Fdip163: Running Clubs. He did a little skit where he is visited by the “Ghost of Marathons Past.” It was really entertaining. I must admit that I did lose some interest when he started rambling on and on about all the running club options across the country. That’s when I forwarded my player to the Endurance Base Camp podcast. (Sorry, Carrie, I noticed he listed in his show links but I missed whatever he said about you because I got bored!) The timing was perfect because I was listening to Steve Gibson discuss prioritizing bandwidth when I got home.

I really enjoyed my little foray into the world of podcasts. Thank you so much, Carrie, for turning me on to this!


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Cool Running Couch-to-5k Running Plan Weekly Schedule

When I decided I wanted to be able to participate and complete a 5k race, I searched online for training advice. The Cool Running Couch-to-5k Running Plan seemed to be the most popular. And I loved that it was specifically geared for non-athletes like me.

I wanted to print out the weekly schedule so I could reference it as I did each run but I couldn’t figure out a way to do that without reproducing the table and parsing it up myself.

By registering with the Cool Running website, I was able to get a personalized sheet for that day but I couldn’t seem to print it all out ahead of time. I finally ended up logging in once a day for a week to get the entire schedule by changing my account settings so I got all nine weeks. Then, I pasted them together.

Cool Running Couch-to-5k

If this is helpful to anyone, please help yourself.

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