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Gold Standard 100% Whey Variety Pack

The Green Girl struggles to keep her calorie count high but her carbohydrates low.

I know there is some controversy surrounding the usage of protein powders but I find protein shakes really help keep me full when I’m hungry but my carbohydrate count is too high for the day. For instance, if you look at my food log for today, you will see I have already consumed 124 grams of carbohydrates. Granted, I could have saved myself 26 grams had I used water instead of non-fat milk to make my protein shake but I really prefer the taste when it’s made with milk.

I always get Gold Standard 100% Whey in either French Vanilla Crème or Double Rich Chocolate but they came out with a 16 Flavor Variety Pack.

I’m going to review each of the flavors. I always mix 16 ounces of non-fat milk with 30.4 grams of the protein powder. I use my favorite BlenderBottle to mix it up.

Flavor Like or Dislike? Review
Banana Cream
Caramel Toffee Fudge
Chocolate Malt
Chocolate Mint
Cookies and Cream
Delicious Strawberry
Double Rich Chocolate Like This was the first flavor I ever tried after a recommendation from a coworker. It’s thicker than chocolate milk so it has the consistency of a cold hot chocolate.
Extreme Milk Chocolate
French Vanilla Crème Like This one tastes like a vanilla smoothie.
Mocha Cappuccino Like I couldn’t taste the mocha so it just tasted like a less rich Double Rich Chocolate.
Orange Cream Like Tasted like a really bland Orange Julius.
Rocky Road So-So Tastes like watered-down chocolate milk with marshmallows.
Root Beer Float So-So Tasted vaguely like the root beer after all the ice cream has melted.
Strawberry Banana
Tropical Punch
Vanilla Ice Cream

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