The Green Girl Has A Green Garmin Forerunner 405!

I am one happy Green Girl! Whoo hoo!

My family got me a green Garmin Forerunner 405 with heart rate monitor (HRM). It arrived today from my favorite online store, ZombieRunner. Did I mention it’s green?

I am absolutely giddy with excitement. I cannot wait to take it out for a run tomorrow morning.



  1. Billy said

    I’m so jealous. Just don’t get the bezel wet – heard it doesn’t work so well then.

    Still…I’m jealous.

  2. lil 1/2 pint said

    Thank you!

    I’ve heard quite a few negative reviews about the bezel getting wet so I’m going to wear a wrist sweatband under it to try and prevent moisture from getting to it. ::crosses fingers::

  3. Kitzzy said

    That’s awesome! I am so jealous. I was just going to tell you they had the 305 on sale on Amazon and that the bike kit comes with a fabric band you can replace the rubber one with, but now you don’t need that. Let us know how your first run with it goes! :)

  4. lil 1/2 pint said

    Aw, thanks for thinking of me!

    I’ll let you know how it goes.

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