Shave Your 5K Challenge

Kitzzy inspired me to join the Shave Your 5K Challenge hosted by Half-Fast.

The challenge is to see who can improve their 5k race times the most from the beginning to the end of 2008.

My “stubble time” is 34:41 from the Redondo Beach St. Patrick’s 5k I did Sunday, March 16.



  1. kitzzy said

    Damn girl! I am still in search of my sub-35 5K. The closest I’ve come was 35:38 but that was with walk breaks. I’m doing my mid-week runs without walk breaks so I can build back up to running straight for at least the 5K distance. So far I’ve only managed 2.3 miles, but my body is still tired from pushing so hard at the race on Sunday and I have another hard weekend of running coming up, but will take it easy next week.

    You should post your PRs are race history on the side bar of your blog :)

  2. kitzzy said

    BTW – I know you log your runs elsewhere, but I love because it is like a log with a community and they have these nifty motivation things and graphs. If you want to join, email me your address and I can send you an invite.

  3. lil 1/2 pint said

    I’m not even sure how I managed that time. LOL. I was so tired. That 5k felt like it went on forever. Seriously. I almost collapsed at the halfway point. Well, I guess I answered my own question. I killed myself to finish that fast.

    I just tried adding my running history to my sidebar but it didn’t work. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ll play with it more later.

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